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CALL FOR PAPERS: IEEE ColCACI 2018 - 1st Colombian Conference on Applications in Computational Intelligence

IEEE ColCACI 2018 – 1st Colombian Conference on Applications in Computational Intelligence Medellín, Colombia May, 16-18th, 2018
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Colombian Chapter and IEEE Colombia Section have chosen Medellin as the venue for the First IEEE Colombian Conference on Applications in Computational Intelligence ColCACI 2018. This event seeks to be the most important conference in computational intelligence (CI) in Colombia putting together academic, scientific and industry. During the last years, Medellin has gained national and international recognition for the development of multiple initiatives in the field of computational applications. These tools have been used successfully to solve some government and education institutions problems. Medellin has 10 universities with undergraduate and graduate programs related to CI. This has allowed the local companies to grow and has encouraged multinational industries to open branch offices in the city. Furthermore, an incre…

¡Cupos Limitados! Conferencia: "Espacios en Blanco y Licensed Shared Access: Herramientas para mejorar el acceso de banda ancha inalámbrico"


Conferencia: "Espacios en Blanco y Licensed Shared Access: Herramientas para mejorar el acceso de banda ancha inalámbrico"


IEEE Day & CAS Technology Day

¡Celebremos el IEEE Day! Día: 3 de octubre Nombre de la conferencia: "Hitos y hechos en el sector eléctrico de Colombia" Conferencista: Julio Cesar García - Life Senior Member Hora: 6:00pm Lugar: Hotel Cosmos Cabrera Imperial - Salón Kogui Dirección: CALLE 83 N. 9-64
Formulario de Inscripción: Inscripciones Aquí CUPOS LIMITADOS! Julio Cesar García

Con una amplia experiencia técnico comercial, a nivel nacional e internacional, ha participado en los diferentes roles de la ingeniería y he llevado en paralelo mi interés por la academia y el desarrollo social. Graduado como Ingeniero eléctrico en el ITSEM (ISIM) en Mons Bélgica ,en Colombia obtuve mi matricula profesional ( no.10423) como Ingeniero Electricista , Especialista en Finanzas en la Universidad del Rosario y la Maestría en Administración en la Universidad Nacional. Actualmente soy catedrático Universitario y consultor en proyectos de Energía Eléctrica. CAS Technology Day CASS Technology Day y CAS Region 9, invitan a la Indu…

Navigation: The Road to GPS and Getting Beyond It by Kathleen Kramer

Navigation: The Road to GPS and Getting Beyond It by Kathleen Kramer Navigation can be viewed as merely determining position or direction, but more commonly it relies on knowledge of position or direction to control or monitor movement from one place to another. In this talk, the field of navigation is introduced, including the evolution of techniques up through modern navigation dominated by electronic navigation including radio, radar, and satellite. The working of GPS, a navigation system based on a constellation of satellites in medium earth orbit that provides positioning information with global coverage is explained. Since its launch in 1978, it has been in ever wider use for finding and keeping track of just about anything: people, animals, boats, trucks, planes, and more. Its initial military uses have expanded far into civilian applications both for individuals and for large-scale commerce and transportation.
The wide availability of first personal vehicle GPS navigation and …

Technology Bootcamp - La micro & Nano

Young Professionals, estudiantes de últimos semestres de ramas estudiantiles e interesados en general de Colombia.
Están cordialmente invitados a:

Call for Papers - IEEE COLCOM 2017

Agosto  16 ‐ 18  2017
Cartagena, Colombia.

colcom@ieee.org.co Call For Papers  The 10th IEEE Colombian Conference on Communications and Computing – COLCOM2017 ‐ will be held in Cartagena. IEEE COLCOM2017 is the most important conference in Colombia that aims to show the progress and development of the academic, scientific and industrial usage of the different areas of telecommunications and computing. In this version, the main subject is "ICT for development". The Information and Communication Technologies ‐ ICT ‐ are considered to be the driving force behind the development of a country, allowing the reduction of the digital divide. To achieve this, it is needed to extend the coverage of access and transport networks, and to provide services and applications that bring technology to society. We encourage the submission of technical papers, especially on issues related to this topic. Papers will be reviewed by an international technical committee under th…

Charla: Big Data en la Industria de las Telecomunicaciones

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